With Christmas approaching, we all feel a rush of anticipation as we look forward to parties, great food, and of course the gifts. But this season is also a reminder of the great sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross so that we may have eternal life. It is a season for us to celebrate because we have been given grace in the face of our sins. I anticipate daily the will God has for my life and this season heightens my excitement for things to come. My future doing his work with the gifts he has given me in the place he has put me with the people with whom he has surrounded me.

It is my hope that you too seek purpose for your life, especially in this season that so tangibly reminds us of Gods love and grace for us and the great sacrifice he made in sending his son to live among us.

Coffee Thoughts

I sit here in a coffee shop contemplating the coming week. It’s hard to get through the holiday season for almost everyone. For kids it’s the anticipation, the excitement and the almost endless supply of sugar that messes with their already endless amount of energy. For parents, it’s handling their hyped up kids and managing to not only make ends meet but making their kids happy as well. Young adults struggle too. They aren’t as established as they would like to be and they wage a battle between spending time with friends and family, and struggle to stay within their budget.

But we also struggle with appearances this time of year as well. Our parties and gifts are winters equivalent to the bikini body and everyone seems to be in competition with each other. We miss out on quality time with our families in order to have the perfect Instagram post or Snapchat story. We become more familiar with friends phone cases and their knuckles than we do their smiles and laughter. We associate with emoji more than emotions and spend more time hashtagging than making new friends and loving on longtime pals.

This year I want to change that. I have created this blog to encourage those around me to be real with themselves and with others. We are all humans and from what I see we could all use technology a little more wisely.

I hadn’t planned on publishing until the beginning of 2017, but I figured some of you might want to come along for the ride as I myself attempt to use the technology I have been given as tools, not toys. I want to live a real life, one that’s messy, one that’s enjoyable, one that’s not picture perfect. I invite you to share your thoughts with me on how you live more consciously or your goals to be more real this season.