Beauty Everyday

Ladies, if you ever question your beauty, your worth, anything, look to those who look up to you. Your children, your family, your students. Think back to a time when genuine complements were paid to you. What was said?
Recently the question I have heard thrown around is when do you feel the most sexy. I’d like to take that and ask when do you feel your most beautiful?
You may be surprised to find out that often I feel most beautiful when I’m at work.
To give a bit more context, I work with at risk youth many of whom don’t have a traditional family unit. Often their own ideas of beauty are different from each other, but when it comes to how they perceive me, I have gotten more comments on how pretty I look if I wear natural or no makeup, and don’t wear lipstick. (I love lipstick and rarely go without.) But when I feel the most beautiful is when a child comes to me with out any needs and just wants to be near. I think it says a lot about a person when someone just wants to be with you. No talking, just being with them. Getting a hug just because.

I believe I was created to care for and love those who cannot care for themselves; so to feel them loving and even caring back is beautiful. Doing what God created me to do makes me feel the most beautiful, and its often in these moments that I receive the most valuable compliments from the kids.

Tell me, what makes you feel beautiful?