Manners and doing them right.

Manners are one thing; saying please and thank you, helping out with the dishes, even if you were the guest, holding the door. But there are so many well mannered people who, are more like a hated pimple than a classy beauty mark. How is that?

I recently stopped at a garage sale in my neighborhood and fell to talking with the lovely hostess. As we were chatting, a couple came by, said hello and seemed quite lovely and polite. But the woman started to get upset. I asked if she was OK and she pointed out that they were comparing all of her things to stores online. She said if it had been at a swap meet or an antique store, she wouldn’t be upset but these were items vs he cherished and just as much a part of her life as her family. She was selling these things so her move to a retirement home would be easier on her family both physically and financially.

She brushed off her emotions after a moment but it made me realize something. Often we are looking out only for ourselves, and even with manners we might come across as rude. We must not only be kind, but seek to understand the people we are interacting with and be tactful and sympathetic with them.