As Seasons Change

I have struggled to keep up with this blog. Its not that I’m not passionate, and its not that I haven’t been writing, but my priorities have been different than they were when I first started this journey. Therefore, I am switching gears toward more of a lifestyle blog. I will continue to write about the present issues I see and my perspective on the subject, but I will not focus solely on one topic for this blog.

So quite appropriately, as the Pacific Northwest weather has abruptly switched from brisk and sunny to sullen and chilly, I am switching things up as well. Now I feel a bit more free to take on lighter hearted posts about the Holidays, or topics that have nothing to do with anything serious and everything to do with joy and creativity.

I hope to add posts more frequently and of more variety as this season progresses. I will continue to make small changes regarding the layout and design as well as the content, so feedback is coveted.

Much Love!